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Bridging Web2 and Web3: By bridging the gap between the evolving web3 space and the established web2 market bringing artwork to the forefront, 0x420 INU is not just a platform but a movement. We are dedicated to fostering a space where art, technology, and community converge, celebrating the unique and the innovative.

We will have our market place listed in many places where web2 shoppers will be.

Community-Driven Curation: Our community plays a pivotal role in curating and selecting artwork projects for listing, ensuring alignment with our collective ethos. We encourage community members to participate through various channels, including Discord.

Integrity and Standards: Upholding the highest standards of integrity, we are committed to maintaining a marketplace that is safe, respectful, and authentic. Projects that diverge from our standards or lose community support are subject to delisting.

Artist and NFT Project Promotion: We provide a dynamic platform for artists and NFT projects to share their collections. Our commitment extends to ensuring they benefit from the profits generated through sales.

Support for Meme Culture and Community Engagement: A cornerstone of our platform is our support for meme culture, particularly the COQ INU community. We pledge 20% of profits to the COQ INU Burn address, bolstering both community engagement and token value.

Open Invitation to Artists: We invite artists to join our platform and share their creations. Opportunities for engagement include our Discord channel and upcoming online application processes.

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***Shortly after launch of our merch line the burn wallet address we use will be published here.

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